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Reclaimer/Stacker Deconstruction project

One of the deconstruction engineering projects undertaken by Andvare on behalf of Liberty Industrial and in consultation with De-Consult Pty Ltd.

Andvare undertook the deconstruction engineering, production of data and lifting recommendations for each of the major components of the Port Kembla Stacker/ Reclaimer for Liberty Industrial to deconstruct the machine.

Andvare’s scope included:

  • Development of an MTO for the machine, based on 3D models of the main structures;
  • Provision of deconstruction sequence stability diagrams and allowable wind speeds;
  • Provision of module lift arrangements and separation details;
  • Provision of FEA of the major module lifts to verify external stresses;
  • Design of temporary connections and supports to allow separation;
  • Design of custom lifting beams for the main lift;
  • Design of custom lift points from modified existing sections of the structures.