Andvare has invested, developed, tested, and operationalised a new generation of applications for HoloReality, which optimally positions Andvare for the upcoming step change in technology that will impact every operation and individual across the globe.

Andvare’s Digital Strategy is centred around not doing more of the same, rather doing what has not been done before.

Whilst Andvare is actively seeking further opportunity to trial and deploy planned HoloReality applications within operations, Andvare’s matured digital services now include:

  • Digital Inspection
  • Digital Witnessing
  • Digital Qualification
  • Digital Commissioning
  • Knowledge Capture by means of Holographic Instruction and Standard Operating Procedures
  • 3D Scanning utilising Lidar, Depth Sensors and Drones
  • Photogrammetry and 3D Modelling of Assets, Plants, and Sites
  • Simulation Modelling
  • Digital Strategy and Digital Transformation

Andvare has made significant investment by introducing Andvare Technology Services to complement Andvare’s existing capabilities. The leadership team understands the need and importance of leveraging forward-thinking digital technologies to drive efficiency in process, as well as reduce the complexity of operational decision making in real time.