Andvare Materials Handling Pty Ltd have developed a lightweight idler system which can easily be retro fitted to any balanced machine boom conveyor or other conveyor where the mass of the rotating parts is a key element in the structural design. Alfar® Idlers make compliance to AS4324 easier than it has ever been!

The mass of idlers and idler frames on any balanced machine boom is a characteristic often overlooked as until recently, there have been no alternatives to traditional heavy duty idler systems.  One of the biggest benefits any balanced machine operator can achieve is reducing the weight of a machine whilst maintaining structural and mechanical integrity – a lighter boom and superstructure reduces the loads on downstream components such as slew bearings and long travel wheels, resulting in improved life expectancy and reliability of these components.

Compared with traditional idler design, the Alfar® bearing housing system and unique idler design eliminates the “can opener” belt rip failures associated with previous lightweight designs.

  • Weight approx 6.7kg per heavy duty carry idler on a standard 3 roll frame for a 1600 wide belt compared to 27kg for the steel equivalent;
  • Reduce the weight on a standard 47m long Boom by up to 3.5 tonnes;
  • Increase the output of the machine by 20-25% or alternatively:
  • Increase the life of the slew bearings plus
  • Increase the life of the bogie wheels;
  • Provide an L10 bearing life of over 150,000 hours;
  • Potential to regain AS4324 stability against overturning compliance in certain applications without substantial works.

We have now had the idlers in full operation with one of our Clients in Western Australia for over 6 months with great results that support the design life expectancy of 12 years plus.