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Wharf Crane Deconstruction


One of our key deconstruction Clients were engaged by a port authority to undertake the deconstruction of a wharf crane which was at the end of its serviceable life.  The crane became a hazard and was contributing to the following issues:

  • Structural degradation heightening the risk of collapse;
  • Crane was beyond serviceable life and considered a dead asset;
  • The machine was occupying part of the wharf which could be put into alternative service; and
  • Wharf structural capacity was reduced with the crane in place.

As part of this scope, Andvare was tasked with determining the stability of the crane throughout the deconstruction process.  Andvare’s team of Engineers delivered a detailed engineering assessment, highlighting potential risks and providing calculated solutions to accompany the methodology of the deconstruction.


Andvare’s team of Engineers undertook a structural assessment to determine the centre of mass of each major component and section making up the wharf crane.  The team derived the deconstruction sequence based on the Contractor’s proposed cranage and wharf deck restrictions, producing a deconstruction method and plan document.  From the findings of the structural assessment and the detailed deconstruction sequence plan and methodology, a detailed stability study was completed, identifying the risk of machine instability and potential for structural failure during the planned stages of deconstruction.

With the confirmed deconstruction methodology and plan assessed, the team were able to provide an engineered design solution for structural bracing and modifications to the machine to eliminate the risk of collapse.


  • The stability study eliminates the risk of collapse during the deconstruction process.
  • Calculating the mass distribution of the machine during each stage of deconstruction provided the foresight to strengthen problematic areas.
  • The overall confidence of the high-risk lifts and general safety of the deconstruction team preserved.
  • Wharf capacity and potential for productivity reinstated.